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Thank you for stopping by my blog about the webcams of all of the greatest cities in the world. Right now it is in its infancy, but with love and faith and milk and cookies and an end to my probs I hope it to be soon one day the best of all of its kind. Maybe we’ll even have a real webcam or two on the site LOL!

Nearby, for the “cities” connection, is wonderful magical deliciously decadent New Orleans, the defiant survivor of the two biggest disasters this century so far unless you count 9/11 which is sort of a disaster and sort of not exactly a disaster if you follow me. If you count it, then maybe New Orleans has #2 and #3 but I wish they had none at all! See Bourbon Street or anywhere else in the French Quarter for a great view day or especially night.

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom. There are heaps of excellently situated webcams throughout the city to capture its fantastic views and monuments in the city.

There is a cam mounted in the Convent Garden of London which is located in the eastern area of the city. With shopping, street performances. entertainment, restaurants and markets it makes Convent Garden a large target for tourist visits. I saw a YouTube post of this cam “reputedly” recording a wedding proposal between a young woman and man. It shows the proposal, the opening of a box with the engagement ring, and the woman screaming and laughing while holding up her hand with several rings. The sunlight gleamed off the dazzling sparkling rings. In the comments under the YouTube post someone asked if they were cz rings which are suppose to be even more brilliant and more dense than diamonds. CZ stands for cubic zirconia, a synthesized material that is hard, optically flawless and usually colorless. SOme people call it the poor man’s diamond because of it low cost, durability, and close visual likeness to diamond. But CZ rings can have elaborate settings and really are gorgeous, not matter how much they cost. The answer to the cz ring question was never answered. But it doesn’t even matter and it certainly doesn’t diminish the joy this young woman.

One of the webcams in London is situated overlooking the River Thames of England. This river flows through the south of England and reaches the centre of London.

There is also a live webcam in the Trafalgar square of London. This is a popular tourist attraction with Nelson’s Column in the centre. There is also another webcam just for new years that is generally located at the Trafalgar square

Another cam in London is located at the famous Stafford Hotel with its lovely 18th century traditions with fancy non- modern rooms That webcam updates its images every few seconds. I was watching it the other day and saw five messengers entering the hotel carry these incredibly large gift baskets. Each gift basket had different colored bows and balloons attached to it. I paused my screen so I could take a good look at each. One had all these cute stuffed animals. Another was fill with wrapped packages in pinks and blues, and yellow. There was a basket filled with beautiful white flowers. I bet they smelled delicious. It looked to me as if the gift baskets were for young children, maybe a birthday party, or maybe newborns. I decided to check the London news to see if some well known person or nobility were staying at the Stafford Hotel. It turned out it was a European dignitary whose wife had given birth to triplets and she had just been released from the hospital. Cool what you can see from a web cam.

One major attraction of London is the famous London eye which has a webcam. The London eye is a large ferris wheel located on the river. It is also known as Millennium Wheel.

A famous street in the city of London is Oxford street so of course it has to have a webcam! It looks down the street which is directly in the centre of this lively capital city. The webcam reloads every five minutes.

Another webcam is at the BBC Radio Station. With its live imaging, the cameras are located at separate ends of the station. Updating themselves every few minutes.

Another webcam is located at Piccadilly West End of London. It looks over the west end over the Piccadilly circus. Piccadilly circus is a road junction in Westminster city, it was built to connect Regent street to other areas of the city of London.

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