Game Cams

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When we look at the video game market we see one of the largest & most stable product lines there are. Nintendo was a front runner in developing motion activation technology but it was bypassed shortly by the other major video game producers. Sony & Microsoft are both at the top of their games with the release of the Xbox One & Play Station 4. Recently we saw the release of a new technology including the use of a web cam with a motion sensor. This technology allows for all sorts of new aspects to be included in the actual game play of almost all games. When this technology came about we started to see the programmers giving the game players the option to replace the original characters face with their own image. The equipment takes a 3d image & overlays it on the programs original writing. It is cool but the technology is still catching up with the idea I am sure soon it will really be an awesome sight to see. This being said the equipment offers much, much more than just that small feature.

When it comes down to it a player can now stand up in the middle of a room & act out the movements & motions that they want the character to take. This means that if you are playing a sports game such as golf, you have to take the actual steps that a golfer would when striking the ball. You would have to have good form & follow trough & if the sensor did not agree then you would see it reflected in the game. Think about this for a minute. If you want to go bowling, now all you need to do is stand in front of your TV & you are immersed into the bowling ally with the press of a button. If you want to go out for a bit of archery. No problem grab a game & play till your hearts content. The technology as it is would amaze some of you if you have never seen it before but again this field is more advanced in idea than the technology can handle. Most gamers hope to see an real advance in the technology with the release of the next generation devices.

In the future there will be games that can actually develop the skill set in a given sport or activity with out ever leaving the comfort of your home. The possibilities are limitless at that point. If you want to become a better anything you will soon be able to train & hone your skills simply by playing a game. What a game changer in the real world as a result of new video game technology.

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