Moscow cams

Moscow is the capital city of Russia as well as the largest populated city of Russia. It is a global centre of education, culture, religion, transportation and finance. With its official language as Russian, it has a population of about 10. 126,424 residents.

One of the webcams in Moscow was situated for the UEFA 2008 Champions League cup final. It is overlooking the Hotel Ukraine located in the centre of city of Moscow. It looks down onto the road from the high rise building Hotel.

Then there is the general webcam for the city of Moscow it self at its centre. Being Europe’s largest city, it is a lively centre of entertainment when the camera changes every few minutes to reveal a new view than the one  before.

There is another webcam in downtown of the Russian city. Revealing the streets and the life of the people in the northern area of Europe. It overlooks the Taganskaya square in the city of Moscow’s heart.

Another webcam is located at the tower skyscraper of Moscow. This overlooks the Moscow federation tower updating it self every couple of minutes to reveal a new image.

Another webcam is a the Hotel Ukraine which takes pictures of the Government white house and the Hotel Ukraine’s one thousand bedrooms!! The Hotel Ukraine is situated on the bank of the Moscow River on the western side. This webcam reloads every two minutes to reveal a new image.

There is another web cam at the Pushkin square in Moscow. It overlooks the Pushkin square which updates every two minutes.

Another square called red square has a webcam in Moscow, Russia. It is located overlooking the Red square in the centre of the largely populated city of Moscow.

The St. Basil’s cathedral also has a webcam in Moscow. It updates every few minutes.

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Nearly everywhere you look around the city there is one. You just need to know how to find it. All of these are offering a plethora of useful information. There are webcams just like the ones in this city all around the world & the phenomenon is really just starting to take off. Wait for 10 – 15 years & you will barely be able to find anyplace that is not documented visually with cameras. The truth is that many people with the proper knowledge can access these cameras at their leisure. We hope the information will only be used in the proper manor but as with many things it is not hard to imagine the system being abused.

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