New York City cams

New York City has a number of web – cams located throughout in the city. If you were to choose one of these web – cams for a view of NYC, the first choice would most likely be the cam located of top of the Empire State Building.

A couple of months ago I was on business that took me to New York City. From my hotel room’s large circular window I could see the Empire State building’s iconic silhouette. There I was, sitting in a comfortable chair playing US slots online at my favorite casino. I was having fun, losing some money and winning some at online gambling with the Empire State Building sitting square center in the window frame, blocking out most of the city’s skyline. How cool was that? I think the stunning rainbow hues of the lights on the Empire State Building must have had some special magical properties since I actually won a significant mount of money at the progressive slot game I was playing. The next day I was planning on going to the observation deck on the Empire State building and use one of the telescopes to see if I can find my hotel window! I’ve been told that there are not specific laws banning online gambling in NYS. On the other hand, I think I’ll have my winnings go to a bank in Europe where I have an account.

With its authentic art-deco architecture, the Empire State building embodies the spirit of New-York City. Every year, over 3.5 million arrive at the Empire State Building which is located at 350 5th Ave at 34th Street and Fifth Avenue. There are two floors with an observatory, one at the 86th floor which contains an indoor viewing gallery for chillier days and the other one on the 102nd floor which is the highest public point in New York City. Both observatories are open every day to the public, including weekends and holidays, 8AM to 2AM. I remember visiting NYC during the winter holiday season and standing outside on the 102nd floor Observatory with my parents and siblings. We were all wearing Descente ski jackets with hoods pulled up to keep warm from the cold temperatures that were made even colder by the wind. I wished I had been wearing Descente ski pants as well. However, the views were well worth the cold.

I also want to make another observation regarding the restrooms in the Empire State building for the “tourists”. I was pretty impressed not only for their cleanliness, but also for the type of paper goods – toilet paper and paper hand towels as well as the dispenser hand soaps.

We have much more to discuss in the coming pages.

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