Rome cams (cont.)

There is also a web-cam on top of the Hotel Atlante Star overlooking Saint Peters Square, and the city of Vatican. This high quality, high zoom camera has an amazing view across the Vatican’s roof top. It just blows my mind. I can be sitting in my house outside of Boston MA, playing online slots for US players and switch to a different screen on my computer and watch what’s happening with frequently updated pictures from the Eternal City. Really now! Would you ever expect to be able to play online at a casino and check the weather in Rome! From this Hotel Atlante Star webcam there are commanding views right across the gorgeous St. Peter’s Dome to the window from which the Pope speaks on special occasions in Vatican City.

The Vatican, if you were not aware is the smallest country in the world, by area and by population. It has been established in 1929 and the Pope has resided in the area since the return from Avignon in 1377. The area is approximately 110 acres, and the population just over 800. The Pope is head of state and head of Government of Vatican City. The security of the Pope is the responsibility of the Pontifical Swiss Guard, Swiss mercenaries.

The unique non-commercial economy is supported financially by the sale of postage stamps and tourist mementos, fees for admission to museums and the sale of publications. It also has its own bank, the “Istituto per le Opere di Religione” also known as “Vatican Bank”. ATM machines in the Vatican has one particularity : there’s a option to get the instructions in Latin. Vatican City also issues its own coins. It has used euro since January 1999, and made a special agreement with the European Union.
The Vatican employs 2000 people to run the state. There is no official language in Vatican city, but Latin is used inside the Holy See, but Italian is the language used in its legislation and official communications. Finally, there are 557 people with Vatican citizenship, and 74% of them are clergy.

My trip to Vatican city was great. Mostly due to my uncle who is a very well known New Orleans maritime attorney and had visited the year before and told me a lot about what to do and see while there.

In such an ancient city you may not expect to find some of the most up to date technological equipment available to mankind. If you know what to look for here there are several places you can find webcams set up. The most ancient of places using the most cutting edge equipment every day. It is an awesome idea when you take a step back & consider the ramifications. Next time you walk through the streets of your city, look around & tell me what you see.